New portfolio

i have just updated my website and set it up on the web.
i know it’s ugly. i am changing the graphics now that everything works.

p.s. there are NO pop-ups or banners.

I like!


Granted I suck at games but those Pong games are impossible! :slight_smile:
ok, i just completed the upgrade to the site!
if you think the pong games are hard, try that puck puzzler game. i have finished it, so i know it’s possible - it’s just insanely hard.

p.s. any constructive comments or suggestions on the site would be greatly appreciated!

@#%$ I hate you! I am now seriously addicted to this pong game, even though I suck at it!

… so much for getting any work done…

i just added 2 new games, logic and memory. while memory is for kids, the logic game can be quite challenging.

so, should i make more pong games or what?

Hey, I did that logical thing in 5 ! Is that good, or am I just thinking I rock ??

Concerning your site, I don’t like the design too much (that’s a strange strange background), but you Flash like a god.

pom 0]