New Project/Game Idea

Since I am creating this solely for my own enjoyment, (and the challenge) I am interested in some opinions, plus i have some questions that maybe someone could help with.

My project is a promotional piece called THE UNDERGROUND VAULT that I would like to use to promote some of the DJ’s, Designers, Producers, etc… that i have worked with in the past, present and future. I have started on the “cast” illustrations, and have been designing the “background/City” in 3D which has worked well for taking various camera angles, which i then convert to .ai.

Level 1: You are a DJ and have just moved to a large Urban City
Mission: To discover the whereabouts of The Underground Vault Niteclub by talking to various people, looking for clues, etc…
Along the way you have to “get your gear” together by collecting/buying various objects, such as a record bag, headphones, needles, etc… You collect records along the way for points/money which allows you to buy items as well.
It is from the player perspective. With a menu similar to Baldurs Gate

My question: Where can i find a tutorial that will teach me how to create a “record bag” in my menu that you drag & drop records into, and it will keep score. Also, say you get some headphones, how will i be able to make Flash check to make sure the headphones have been found before moving on to other parts of the game.

Anyways there is a whole lot more but i should stop here, any advice would be appreciated, because i am still learning how to use actionscripting.


Jeremy Dickinson
[email protected]