New saturation #'s are in

Worldwide Ubiquity of Macromedia Flash by Version

  • September 2002 (NPD Online - Worldwide Survey)

<i>Note: this is from Macromedia’s site, so take it with a grain of salt</i>

Macromedia Flash 2
US (1) 97.8% Canada (1) 97.7% Europe (1) 97.3% Asia (1) 95.7%

Macromedia Flash 3
97.6% 97.7% 96.9% 94.6%

Macromedia Flash 4
96.3% 96.7% 96.5% 92.9%

Macromedia Flash 5
92.0% 92.1% 94.1% 90.3%

Macromedia Flash 6
53.0% 56.8% 61.3% 60.3%

Good to see that the US saturation of Player 6 is now above 50%!


It’s growing faster than 5.0 did. Glad to see that at least.

I think that these numbers are pretty accurate. They all come from the same W3C stats as far as I can tell. Thanks for posting these btw. I had said that I was going to months ago but forgot about it. Glad to see someone on the ball. :slight_smile:

I was surprised as well, the numbers for June 2002 was only 30%…

that was just depressing…


Yeah… it’s zooming. By Christmass it will have 80% US share I’ll bet.

<~~very happy. :slight_smile: just installed MX yesterday.

Maybe by the time I get into my new MX AS book I will actually be able to publish in player 6!..

I can dream at least :stuck_out_tongue: