New Section: AS Tricks

Hi everyone,
Using Pom’s idea, I have created a new AS Tricks section that will feature simple AS tricks presented in a straight-forward approach with no excess design, etc. The URL:

I will be adding a lot of stuff to this section, and if anyone is interested in providing some simple AS trick with a short explanation, I would like to hear it! You will be given credit for anything used.

Kirupa :rambo:

Oups! I made a mistake in the prototype explanation. Near the beginning, I’m talking about the attachMovie function, where I should be talking about the duplicateMovieClip function.

I hope you can correct that soon.

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Pom,
I’ll fix that soon! Once I’m done writing a review of Flash MX, I’ll start adding some stuff to the AS Tricks section. I’ll also revamp the Open Source section and add the FLAs you e-mailed me shortly. My bad for taking such a long time :frowning:

Kirupa :asian:

Hey, that’s something to put next to the var declaration:

pom :asian: