New site, would love feedback

…seems only fair that I put myself forward for critique since Ive both critiqued other sites here & learnt so much from kirupa over the past five years! Before you click (if ya’ll have the time) its not quite complete - Id like the photo images (which will become links to client sites) to be draggable (tick) each one released to be on the top (tick) but Id like some way of adding a little info about the client with a click through link (Ive posted about it in the CS3 forum, so if anyone could point me with this Id be ever so grateful!)

Im self taught, & only have one Pc to view it on, so Id especially love to know how it works (or doesnt!) on other machines, speed, embedded fonts etc - & general comments too of course! (it has a three single sounds but no blaring music - just incase anyone is at work… :wink:

I dont mind anyone saying “I hate it” if you tell me why!
Thanks in advance…running to hide now!

scotia :cantlook: