New splash page

I made a new splash page, for my site, using flash. Do you think it’s better?

Site: 3dnirvana Studios

Thanks bunches!

way better I think^^

Quick Question:

Why? What purpose does that splash page serve other than stopping people from actually getting to your site? Sorry to be an ***, but I have a huge pet peeve with splash pages. Just something to think about.

I’m with ethan, but thats looks okay 3d…

Thanks people!

Ethan- Yah i’m kinda borderline on splash pages. Before everyone had them, but now they are going “out of style”. Idk though, I like them, even though they are not nessasary :hugegrin:

From a design standpoint they are as wrong as it gets. The whole point of a website is to give information to people. Having a splash page is like haning blankets over all the paintings in your house.

I allow splash pages when they have choices for HTML or Flash, or High-Bad Low-Band. Your page does nothing but stop me from getting to your site.

It’s cool I guess… just makes me want to go play Neverwinter Nights

way to go, brilliant work!!

Thanks guys!

ethan- what if I DO hang blankets over my picutres, because blackets…uh…look cool :hugegrin:

Thanks again,

ok I changed the splash again (I ditched the buterflies) I also changed the background to the website.

3D -

Usually I like splash pages that have a little graphic image to them. Maybe you can have your text on the splash page along with some cool 3D figure sitting next to it? Maybe a 3D metal ball? Some cool gear?

Just spruce it up with something more and it’ll be great :).

good idea! I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


Maybe you don’t need an object. Maybe you can just put your amazing mr.french fries and noodles - in the back, and all of a sudden it fades in.

Try to use more contrast in backround.
Looks great!

Well, I’m on the line for splash pages as well. They are considered somewhat passe and I agree the main point is to get to the content. So if you make a splash page, even if it’s just cool, add content. Perhaps it’s an overview of your work. Also add a “skip intro” button so people don’t get irritated trying to get to the content. Finally, you can embed a splash animation in the main body of the page. I’ve done that and it works well if you want the splash to “feel” more part of the site.

I think many of us are quite impartial to the splash page. I think if you are going to use a splash page, have it be something useful. Perhaps have site requirements, a link to download flash, ect. Having the splash page entirely in flash doesn’t really help users enter your site. Maybe like others were saying use some of that sweet 3d stuff you have going on. if you did 1/2 html/images and 1/2 flash you could have a useful set of images and information with a nice animation to showcase and enthuse people to continue on to the site.
Just my 2 cents.

btw, I really like the changes you did to the background of the actual site, it looks so much better. The site has came a long way since I first seen you post it! Congrats, it looks awesome!

Well seeing as your website is called 3D Nirvana i would’ve liked to see something actually 3D on the splash page…

It looks cool though but yeah stick with what the name is about maybe

Just my opinion

Yea splash pages suck!

Yours looks good but the text could be smaller and I’d lose the fade effect on the enter button and probaby make that way smaller too.