New trend?

why are so much ppl copying EthanM and making odd sounding names in their footers? i’m sure ive seen at least 4 or 5 different names like that.:upset:

is there a specific reason for this?

I don’t know what you’re talking about, care to explain?

Hes referring to the non-affliated cult member link. No one copied EthanM either, he actually started it. Click Wizard’s link.

hmmm i dont know what he’s talking about do you wizard?

Lol, I figured that was what he was talking about, but I also figured that he would click on the links that some members use.

What?? People are copying me??

This member is going crazy. Seeing things.

You should seek healing my friend…

[size=1] :ninja: [whispers]I have been spying on this most interesting trend for a while now, youngster. Follow me and I’ll introduce you into the realms of weird linkers and copyness.[/whispers][/size]

I don’t follow this conspiracy thing…

no ruski I don’t know what you mean either ** glances round **

look man go get help they’re everywhere can’t you see, if we don’t do something now it’ll be too late. You have to go and get help, there are still some kirupians not affected…we must help the others…You must get re-inforcements before it’s to late

Run man, run for your life, they’re everywhere I tell you, everywhere, run or you could be next…

[innocence] oh hi guys, hows everyone doing :slight_smile: [/innocence]

[size=1]:elderly: Ahaah. Another potential superhero mind to introduce into my spying on the KTNAC… Follow me into my lair, young padawan… Muawhahaha[/size][size=2]raharhcough** har cough Hum.[/size]

Yeah, how’s everyone doing? :ne:

Who’s copying EthanM? And what are they copying?

[size=1]That weird sentence in his sig, about some Cult, people seem to be copying it and changing the numbers, but shh, don’t tell anyone :sigh:[/size]

:lol: :lol: :lol: That was hilarious.

as an affiliated of the K-Team Non-Affiliated Cult I can tell you what I found out so far:
the main objective is to do nothing (like Ghandi without a political aim and with food)
to reach this main objective there are several subobjectives like ignoring the K-team and hating The Roaster (without a real reason)

Alright. I am in. :beam:

Yes! I get to finally use the new Milton Bradley Exorcism Kit that I got free after eating enough boxes of Count Chocula cereal :pope:
[size=1][color=dimgray]EDIT: I really didn’t get that for eating that cereal. I have actually never eaten that cereal before, but that was the only one that sounded remotely evil…and chocolatey.[/color][/size]


you get weird things for eating ur cereal kirupa

all i ever get is this plastic head that i let my dog tear into pieces :puzzle:

ethanM-moba exotic bird speech trainer

mlk-Agonizing Ottoman Suicide Dwarf

wizard-Master Tuesday Burning Soul Geek

canadian guy- Senior Mountie Soul Reaper

ok, I’ll bite too :love:

I am the newest and most beloved [size=1][color=slategray]non-affiliated[/color][/size] member[color=black] of the K-Team :hugegrin:[/color]