Could someone please give me a brief guide to designing a site…

i would like a modern in design site.

i have Macromedia Studio MX, but what does what,

could someone just give me a briefing into what i should be using, as i started to create a site in fireworks, but created a movie in flash, then started working in Dreamweaver…

now i am completely confused, lost and bewildered…

what order should i be using…? should i not be using one of these ?

any tips, help or advice will be a great help… (before my computer goes out the window)

:slight_smile: I hear you. It’s wonderful and challenging isn’t it?

I’m afraid I don’t have much to say in terms of a brief guide to web design - all sites are so different. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve I guess.

The software you have is all really great. Starting with Dreamweaver and working from there would be a plan that might work for you. Others may prefer to start with Flash. Again, it’s all in what you’re trying to do.

In any event, best of luck to you!

there are some great books at the book store on design, I’d start there if I were you. Hope this helps JesseH