Fireworks or dreamweaver

Which is a better program for designing websites, dreamweaver or fireworks? which should i learn…maybe both or what?
:smokin: scott

Fireworks is not for designing websites.

Dreamweaver is the best web developer program in the world.
If you’re going to make pages like ASP, PHP etc then Dreamweaver UltraDev is the ultimate program.

Macromedia rulz.

yup, they rulz! more’n’more so!
Flash MX: the 1st to get, vector graphic multimedia interactivity
Dream MX: now codes PHP, Coldfusion etc, use this for html
Fire MX: vector/bitmap image editing, lets you create complete menus and export the whole thing to dream, nice’n getting better…
Macromedia offers a studio bundle with all of’m in there…KaZaA too :slight_smile:

what Kazaa has anything to do with them??? Oh… Wait… It was a joke?

right…i got bundle with dream4 and fire4…i didn’t know all the MX family was out…stupid me :frowning:

:smokin: scott