Hey everyone, I joined deviant art!

Hey everyone, I just joined deviant art to post my future 3dsmax art :smiley: (very exciting) now I can just send someone a link to my page, and they can see all my art! For the time being, I only have one thing up for now…\rdansflash.deviantart.com\rHope you like it!!

Dan-\r Nice stuff! Great werk…\r Another offer; I would like to put some deviant art on my website, and as long as your all willing to let your pics reside on your server and allow me to call them from there, I will in the future make a deviant art section at my website; If it’s deviant, it will fit right in. :lol: And it will give you a little more free exposure. I get 3% of all sales though! Doh! Just kidding! \rAs long as VTS doesn’t mind. Thats one heck of a sharp website. I wish mine was that good rooking–Lemme know if your interested.\rwww.corpust.com\r\rRigel Dominar XVI\r|I \rIf anyone is interested, I will werk out the details and let you know what to do. Maybe in the long run this will help you guys sell your great stuff!\r

Sweet Dano…

Yea, well, it’s not my website :lol: ! It’s a computer art community! :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed ! What software do you use to do that ?\r\rpom 0]

:rollin: \rpj\r:p

I joined it but I have yet to submit any of my artwork to them - I really don’t like surrendering the rights to my stuff to someone else.