New Webby Layout

well ive been realy busy but i managed to squeeze out a few hours to work on a new site for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wanted like a simple yet grungy look. trying not to go into loads of details like a load of gargen to welcome a user. im not offering my services YET! so i dont think i needed to make it all prim and proper :wink: lol

ive got down the basics im hopeing to add some cool effects to em if you give us some lovely ideas :slight_smile: or show me other simalre sites (if you know any).

ne ways heres my link,

hope you like it…

im so glad to be back posting here :hugegrin: :love: love this place rocks! :hr:

I like it but the nav text is a bit hard to understand if someone wants to go directly go to say you portfolio etc. also the text on the about page could be better. Other than that I like it love the site background part looks great.

The bg images are cool, but the navigation text like VDam said are very hard to read.

I might even say all the text on your site is hard to read.