New year time zone's

Its still 8 hours till new year. But is there a time zone where it is alreaddy 2004? In Japan maybe? But dont they count years different?

8 hours and 26 minutes to go here… :crazy:

I’ve already started celebrating :thumb:


right now… 7 hours left… mwahhhaa :stuck_out_tongue:

8 hours and 55 minutes…

7 hours and 52 minutes

7 hour and 31…correction 30 min

7 hours, 20 minutes :thumb:

13 hours 8 minutes

It’s 1:43 am January 2004 here in the Philippines. Also in Hong kong, some parts in Japan, Australia, Malaysia…

10hrs 45min here – EST USA

It’s 2004 in Korea.

4 hours and 37 min to go!


in india folks =)

you live in india?

6 hours 15 minutes EST Canada