Newbie at programming. Please help

Hello, I am new at programming and I NEED help. I want to program a side scrolling action game, and I need some one to teach me the code, and to help me make this game. Specifically, the code for the characters jumping, some moving platforms, and duplicating enemies. If anyone would like to help, please reply.thanks.:thumb:

Whoa, thats a lot of help there. If I were you, I would go through those one at a time, looking for posts regarding each issue.

I will try to help you with some of that code though. Duplicating enemies is pretty easy. Make a movieClip that is supposed to be the enemy. Say an evil frog. Place that frog on the stage. Then use the duplicateMovieClip() function to make copies of this evil frog.

I use a for loop to create these extra movieClips.

for (i=0;i<11;i++){ 
evilFrog_mc.duplicateMovieClip("evilFrog"+i, i);
/* i hope you know for loops  */
/*  also, the "evilFrog"+i, creates the new name for each instance created by the duplicateMovieClip code, and the "i" adds it to the a higher level on the stage. */

You can use if/else statements to remove these movie clips once they get to the edge of the stage, stuff like that to make it more interesting. Hope that helps.

Thanks, I will try that.

Oops, sorry about that blank post.

P.S. I am a newb at flash :\

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Also, to do jumps, you should check out pom’s physics page:

Just have an “on key down” event which makes the character jump:
when you press the jump key, if your character is on a ground platform (thus requiring some coding of boolean values) you suddenly give negative vertical speed to your character, thus making him go up.

Of course, onEnterFrame, you apply gravity, thus whenever you jump or fall off a ledge, you will eventually begin to fall down until you touch a solid object (platforms, etc). So you jump up when you press your jump key, but immediately your momentum is reduced by the frame.

I am myself looking for a scrolling snippet of code or explanation of just the mere functionalities of it, so I’d be interested in seeing a link posted here.


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