(newbie help) adding url link to buttons

ok so i’m making a flash page and i started to make buttons then realized i didnt know how to link the buttons.
so i looked up some tutorials, but they didnt help at all
i figured you had to use the get url action script but when i type the url in the space you are suposed to, then test it.
it always shows me an error message. Error Scene=Scene 1, layer=bg, frame=1:Line 1: ‘)’ or ‘,’ expected

Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1

i have tryed it so many times but i am sure i am doing something very stupid wrong.
please help haha
thanks, dan


I’m a newbe and I have the button with four states …Up, Over Down and Hit…

What state do I put the code over…




Select the button and hit F9 the bring up the Actions panel, put the code in there.

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