Newbie needs help with Flash MX for project

Hi There,

I just found this board and was thrilled to see that there are people here with knowledge of Flash MX. I’m a new beginner with Flash MX and I need to use it for the final project in one of my classes. We have to make some “artsy” flash movies that use interaction.

I’m having a hard time understanding things like Action Scripts and how to use them and do certain things. I’m also having a hard time figuring out how to use buttons. I can make one but I don’t know how to use the button to take the user to a different point in the timeline.

Specific things I really need help on: how to get an object to follow the movement/path of the mouse. I want an image to move around the screen as you move the mouse around. I’d also like that image to leave a “trail” behind, showing the path that it moves. I guess like an onion skin (I think that’s the right term?).

I’m sure this sounds like a really easy thing to do but I’m new to Flash MX and the book I have doesn’t help me very much. And Macromedia really gets on my nerves… I wish Adobe made something like this.

Does the book help you understand the “Basics” ?

Example: Create an image, press F8
it can be a Image, Button or Movie.

I really think the first thing you should do, is play with it, get use to the UI, get use to using the Clickable menus, save your projects learn the why to save it one way vs the other.

I doubt you can master this program withen the time period of your project, think realistic, and create somthing that will be more in your time frame. Although the things you mention are not master creations.


I would suggest checking out the tutorials on kirupa main site. You can still do them all in Flash MX, and I know that mouse trailing movie clips is covered there.

The most important thing I can say is to remember “INSTANCE” names. These are not the same as library names. You must type in an “instance” name for each movie clip that you would like to control with action script. (ok… that’s not entirely true… but for your purposes it is.)

Also… as a quick comprehensive view of the terminology that you might find in those tutorials, you can check out my site I have the first part of my tutorial section up, which is more of an essay on the basics of flash. Could be useful.

If you have a particular question, let us know and we’ll try to answer it as well as we can.