Newbie Netscape issue > bg color

Howdy all,
New to Flash and this forum, which is terrific. I have a movie that, in Netscape 4x, has a white background color even though the bg color of the movie file and the cell and table holding it are what they should be. Any thoughts on how to correct? (Looks fine in Explorer and Net 6x)


Do you have a layer that is supposed to be transparent? There is a know transparency bug with netscape.


Thanks much. I don’t have a transparent layer, but I was using a javascript I found on this site:

that worked perfectly. I had, however, overlooked a hexcode in the EMBED tag that was set to white (#FFFFFF). So, I appreciate the redirection and the help.


kennyb - you have the BEST and most entertaining footer ever!

Hehehe… thanks. I originally designed it to be part of a preloader. It’s only like 10kb. It was the first thing I ever made in flash.