Newbie simple question big answer

Ok guys HELLO. I’m a newbie, just signed up and here’s what’s going down.

I got a flash file ('swhy I’m here).

I am building a website. (still making sense)

I made a little loop that is what the website should do. It starts, car drives up the driveway.
It then sits there and vibrates (i.e. engine running) and loops over that part. Hence it does not keep driving up the driveway.

Anyway I now want to make hyperlinks.

I have found articles all over the place to no avail. I’m using FLASH CS3, hence it appears that ActionScript altered from 2.0 to 3.0. No problem as I will just learn 3.0 (being I have no previous knowledge).

I am using a getURL(“”);

1stly: It don’t click
2ndly: My loop has stopped working and will only behave once I remove this action.

So ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. This must be simple surely.:?)