Problems Hyperlinking


  1. I read the tutorial and downloaded the sample flash file given for comparison.

a) I followed the tutorial word for word…makes perfect sense
b) I applied it to my own flash file.
c) For whatever reason…I can’t get it to work.

This is basic basic stuff…I know. Feeling a bit stupid here.

a) I converted the symbol to BUTTON
b) I then went into the actions panel and I clicked on the + symbol, then I expanded and applied Actions | Browser/Network | getURL and then entered my url.

When I preview with HTML, the buttons do not actual hyperlink anywhere. I tried all sorts of hyperlinks, ie internal to the site (ie _self) or and external (ie _blank) but to no avail.

Not sure if anyone would be willing to even take a 10 second look at my flash file as it can’t be this hard. ARRGH!