Newbie Stuck using Flash Template

Hello all,
First off, let me say that I’ve clearly bitten off more than I can chew. I’ve paid for and downloaded a Flash template from
The link to the actual demo of the template is as follows:
If you look at this demo you’ll see that there is a button called “Contacts”.
This takes you to a section where there is a nice graphical interface to send Flash-php email. As expected, however, there is no actionscript to make this feature actually function. I’ve downloased numerous php/Flash email demos and have gotten them to work but…
my problem (among many), is that I have had no luck whatsoever in getting the actionscript included in these email demos to work with the existing Flash template in question. I’ve bent it, messaged it, fiddled with it, but I just do not have the knowledge or experience to figure out how to take the example code and work it into the Flash template. As I said at the start, this was way too big a project for me to start with but I’ve opened my big mouth and now I cannot easily back out of the task.
So essentialy what I’m completely lost with is:

  1. I need to keep the existing Flash template as it is and, therefore the Contacts section must remain as it currently appears.
  2. I need to see how actionscript is written for this email interface but most importantly, HOW it is placed into the existing demo timeline, etc.
  3. I have several php scripts that do indeed work properly with the examples of Flash code I’ve culled from the web, but I need to see how they are intergrated into the demo.

I’m using Flash Professional CS4 but I am not even sure what version of actionscript the exisiting .fla file is using ;(. I think it is 2.0
Again, my actionscript and general Flash knowledge is very weak (to say the least).
I’ve backed myself into a corner and any help you folks can provide to help me get out of it would be most appreciated.
I would have attached the actual .fla file, but it is too large based on the file size requirements of this site. If anyone wants to see it, however, I’d gladly email it to you directly or can provide a private FTP site for you to get it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.