Newbie website project

Basically im quite new to flash and im wondering if anyone would like to do a joint project with me.

The site could be about anything and is really aimed at newbies, although the expeirenced are welcome.

Basically I want to do this so I can learn from other people techniques, and maybe they learn some from me, and experience with working with other flash designers.

Kind Regards,

Good luck with your project! :stuck_out_tongue:


The site could be about anything and is really aimed at newbies, although the expeirenced are welcome.

isn’t that kind of ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry i didnt explain that well, I want to create a site about nething with some1 else to gain experience.


just wondered if ne1 fancied helping…??

not me sorry… I’m workin on too many websites simultaneously :wink: :frowning:

cheers neway…
Ne1 else interested?

I might be.

Nice one!
I see you have AIM. I’ll contact you through that so we could have a chat about it.

If you’re interested in one more person hola

since i got no feedback from the above, i thought id bring the matter up again.

if there is a newbie like myself wantin ta work on a project please let me know.

kind regards,

keljnr, you might have to be more specific. What are your skills? What your you prefer to work on, and what would you want in a partner? Come up with a small example site or something, or a logo. That usually makes things a lot easier.

i wanna help

I’ll help. I’m always looking for projects to add to my portfolio. I was supposed to be starting a design studio with Visual Aid but I haven’t heard from him in about 2 weeks so I presume that idea is down the drain. This sounds fun though so I’ll give it a shot.

You got any idea what you would like it to be about?

Thought this thread was dead and buried…
Basically im a “graphic designer” with little actionscript knowledge.
just know the basics of flash really.

Im not sure what i want to do it on, maybe about the story and experiences of put this project together?

anything really…you guys have any ideas??


Dunno. What are you into? Music, sport, pastimes? I would like to do something a little different from your average web project. You know, something people would notice and enjoy.

hhmmn, Im a big ‘soccer’ fan.

Like rock music…
Oasis, Cooper temple clause, System of a down, Rammstien…i like most stuff with the exception of pop music.

Computer games…

Motorcycle Clubs…

Robert De Niro…gangster films.


ne them take ya fancy?? wot u into??

Kind regards,

he said hes kinda new to flash, and he wants to work with somebody on a site of any kind just so he(?) or other people wanting to learn (?) can learn (flash and website stuff) i guess… but keljnr, i think you should just try teaching yoru self flash, thats what i did (tuts dont work for me)… try it!

Well, I play Pro Evolution Soccer 2. And you’re British, remember? We call it football, or footie. Anyhoo I like your taste in music, I play PS2 games quite alot and I’ll watch pretty much any film. I’m also into design.

I think as this is your idea you should get to choose what it’s about. Phew, that’s me off the hook. I would really like to do something a bit unusual and quirky.