Funky Site Needed

Hi guys,

Here’s the basic jist, i’m okay with flash myself but need to do more stuff to learn more i can use photoshop and illustrator. The thing is i’ve been wanting a website for along time now and whatever i seem to make i think ewww i hate it and scrap it.

Thats not to say i’m not going to try though…

Here’s my idea i am looking for somone who would be willing to help me on a website (for fun) we would learn new things about flash help eachother and both have something to show in our portfolio at the end of it. To clarify that, I need a partner to help make a funky website to practise skills, you’d be practising your flash skills and i’d be putting my photoshop skills to the test.

Sooooo how’s it sound?

Is their anyone out there that would like to build a SMALL site with me to practise their skills and have something fresh to put in their portfolio at the end of it. Theirs no rush unless you want their to be.

I am looking for something along the lines of the website but alot smaller.

You wont get paid unless theres something round my house you might want. It’s just be an experience for me and whoever signs up. Hope all the above text has made a tiny bit of sense.


P.s Reply if you think i’m a mad and asking to much, just reply people :smiley:

I can do 3D animations for your site if you want. and before you knock the idea, 3D can do alot more than you think. Contact details on my profile

I think you will find someone with the same interest and a slightly higher/different skill level :slight_smile:

I just have bills to pay :confused:


yeah, i just need a partner (partners) who can learn new things with me, i dont work very well on my own but within a team i feel i need to keep on the job at hand so i dont let down the other members.

Just hope i find somone.

The animator would you do some small 3d animations for portfolio work or do you want some $$. $$ might be available later on in the development but now now i’m afraid.

I’d be interested. I don’t have much to put in my portfolio right now so this would help me. Also it would be a good learning experience. I can show you some example of my work if you want. This sounds like fun.

I visited the 123Klan site and I think that may be a little advanced but I think you mean the style of that site. Right? Also are you a coder or an artist? I’m more of a designer/co-ordinator, i.e. I can Photoshop pretty good, code a little and come up with good ideas and concepts. Plus I’m good at layouts and animation and stuff.

For an example of my work got to My old, unfinished portfolio/company site.
Only the splash of my new site is up so far but it’s at

Looking forward to working with ya. Email me at: [email protected]

Sounds, good.

Have you got msn messenger or AIM or something. I’ll sketch out some ideas, later tonight.

All i know is i want the site to be vibrant and fun. I want the user to feel like they are having fun clicking each button of the site.

No messenger or AIM. I’m on the forum about 10 hours a day so just PM or Email me I check my email regularly. So it’s on then? Sweet. Looking forward to this. Should be a fun project.

BTW: Is this a site for you? Or for us or what? I noticed you had a site already but I’m not sure what this one is for. We could start a little company. That would be really cool. What do you think?

The sit i got is a testing ground for stuff i make, I’m not sure yet, we could develop the site for both of us. One section for you and another section for you.

go to the 123klan site and view the site with an intro, go to the playground and it has those 2 sides the left and right we could do our site like that, i take the left you take the right?

Sounds cool. I was thinking more though of actually being a company. So we have a staff profiles page with a little info about each of us and then the rest is a collaborative effort. Make it more of a company than just two people on one site. I’m already making my own freelance site anyway so I don’t really need another one. Maybe we should discuss this by PM or email?

Hey I just looked at your KF profile and I’m 16 days older than you. Cool. So does that mean you’re waiting for GCSE results like me?

i think we’re okay to talk about it for the time being.

A small company site sounds like a good idea. We just need to start throwing around ideas. Colours Schemes, Intro, Music etc…

Better yet I’m downloading AIM so we can use that.

Okay. I say we go with a vector art style site. Funky and chunky, not sleek and modern. Colour schemes: We can look at that once we get some ideas.

What we need is a name. Something that sounds really good. Any ideas?

try and get msn it’s alot better.

A Name can make or break the website so we better get a good one eh,
i got one or two names in my head they might suck but their the first names that popped into my head. :-

FlavourFresh or FlavorFresh
ColourBomb or ColourBomb (i got some good ideas to do with animation for this 1)
OverColoured or OverColored

I don’t like msn. Hotmail shut down more accounts than I can count of mine and I just got so annoyed with them. So I deleted Messenger. I never really liked any of these chat things anyway.

k when you get aim add me on VisualAidNeeded8,
what you think of those names?

I like the ideas, not sure about the exact names. How 'bout: ‘BombSites’? (as in, site by us are da bomb!) Isn’t FlavorFresh a rapper?

AIM: paddydukedesign

yea i know some coding in flash and can html pretty good aim me im colossusclone2 if you need anything im seeking a team