Newbie - Where to start?

Hello there,
I’m new to these forums, so please excuse me if I’m not meant to be asking newbie questions in this forum.
Well I’ve been using Flash for about a year now so I’m pretty familiar with the basics, but what I wanted to do is take the plunge into Actionscript (I love lostinbeta’s site:) ). So can any of you recommend where you guys learnt?
Thank you alot,

I am glad you like my site=) My site is actually done in Javascript and DHTML. I started to learn those before I started Flash.

Hmmm, places I like to go to learn AS… of course (one of my main sources really) has some great tutorials

That is all I can think of that I go to so far.

Thanks alot for those! What I meant was I love those very cool Flash movies on your site (not that I don’t love the clean layout too:) ). I’m fairly familiar with HTML, CGI, PHP and err- well to be honest I barely know nothing about Javascript, but I think I’ll start learning Actionscript and see how I go from there.
Once again thanks!

OHHHH, ok.

Well what I have on my site can be learned at and at

The others things I just did myself out of bordom or something. I have more things I need to add up there, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Thanks for liking my flash stuff =)

Well its 4am here, I gotta get up early to go on vacation for the weekend too…oh well. I am going to bed now I guess…goodnight:)

Goodnight buddy, I look forward to your upcoming work:) . Have fun on your vacation, I’m currently in Hong Kong for the school holidays.
Well thanks for all your help,

love the site!