NewBies question

Am new to the flash and programming in general. I just want to know if sites such as this…800.shtml, are completely built in flash. Or are they embed in layers of html.
If possible can you axplain how you can build the opening and shutting screens( Are they drwan as objects etc) or point me to some good tutorial i can look at. Thanks


That link doesn’t seem to work for me…

ah well. I know “Theory” pretty well anyway. I would tend to think that it was done entirely in flash, but it could be produced either way.

I’ll try to find a proper link over there so that I can see the opening and closing of objects that you discribed.

ok… I know what you’re talking about… and yes that’s entirely flash based.

The windows are a little tough to explain… there are a variety of ways to do those effects… to say which way they did them is difficult.

The do have a link which will let you download the source FLA’s for thier site. I’m considering doing this. If I do, I’ll let you know what I discover about those.

Yes they do have a link to download their site. The problem is that they SELL the right to download it. But if you’ll willing to spend money and this and make everybody here benefit from it, hey, be my guest.


propebly not… considering I already have a whole site with instructions on alterations, sitting on my desktop. I didn’t see any cost mentioned. Good way to make a few extra bucks though.

Tu parles!

I had a look and they ask for about 100 english pounds for their files! No way! Only to find the same stuff all over the net in a few months…

A frenchman with a German last name (Berg) that uses British Pounds. Your very confusing to me Eyez! :rolleyes:

You said they were asking for about 100 british pounds but will they accept butter? A 100 pounds of butter? Or maybe dirt?

In American money the price was 90.00 bucks, which if I were rich and had money to burn isn’t a lot for what they are giving. Where ya been lately? We need to finish our discussion on ICQ. Look me up.