Ok just to get some opinions

Lo, i’m a self taught amatuer but i’d be interested to know what you guys think, been flashing for about 12 hours… your opinions appreciated :slight_smile:


have some more flash related plans for the webby

btw anybody know how to stop the pointer taking on a finger icon when going over the logo button?


That’s a pretty good first animation up there. Certainly it’s better than what I was doing after only 12 hours. :slight_smile:

My work does not allow me to access anything more than your index page, so I’m not in a possition to comment on anything but that.

Hey Law Lardy,
I think the first page is pretty nice. I think the changing of the mouse pointer is quite neat. I’m on a 14.4 connection right now, I’ll give you some more comments once I get to a location where the connection is just a tad bit faster =)

Kirupa, there are only a couple of bits of flash on the webby… the index animation and the menu / scroller on the main page. I plan to make other parts of the site use flash as well, may even make the entire site with flash one day though i dont like the idea of the loading times for modem users.

thanks for replying guys, I thought I’d ask you guys what you thought of it as all I get from the people that use the site is that they like it, which is nice but ultimately I wanted the opinions people that create sites so I can put some value on the hours I’ve spent making/updating the site and whether or not I’m any good at what I’m doing :slight_smile:

If this example is of a good enough standard, its only a short step to start getting paid to make them :slight_smile:

I’m still learning and find the tutorials on this website to be very informative. I’m now busy catching up with actionscripting, I have to say that I find using flash very rewarding and great for keeping my mind active. Thing is, I find that no sooner have I completed one “project” I find something else I’d like it to do and then rise to the challenge :slight_smile:

Once again, Thanks and keep up the good work… :slight_smile:

No problem! Flash is one amazing program that appeals not only to beginners but professionals as well. Also, very few programs offer the opportunity for users to make money without having to take expensive classes or work on time-consuming programs.