News Forum

Hey thor,
Here is the news forum that you requested: (sub-forum within Best of

I’m currently working on a way where the 10 thread titles from that forum will be displayed on the home page. I should hopefully figure something out soon.

I’ll probably make it so that non moderators cannot create new threads, but they can reply to it as they see fit. This section will primarily be for any site news or computing, flash, tech, macromedia, adobe, etc. news that comes up. Stuff that isn’t technology related shouldn’t go there - that is for Random :slight_smile:

This is the test page: I’ll be messing with the colors and layout a tad bit so that it will look better on the home page. I’ll remove the MM Innovation award link - it’ll be better off elsewhere.

EDIT: I’ll try to have this wrapped up sometime tomorrow. I’d like to have the results displayed with a tiny black dot symbolizing something like a bulleted list. There is also too much space between each news item.

Kirupa :cyclops: