Newtype, new rip off!

I was at (discovering I am about 200 strips behind sigh), when I noticed a lil banner… 10% off newtype subscription and a free t-shirt! I thought wow that sounds really good. Clicked the link, takes me to a page with no price given. So, I do my homework and track back to the site to click subscirbe. I was think ten, MAYBE 20 dollars. Oh no my friend! GRAVELY mistaken!

That’s right, 90 dollars. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a mag with such a high sticker price for a subscription! Maybe I’m naive… but cmon! CMON! haha.
Well I guess I could buy it at work… what is that like probably 10 bucks an issue… maaaan… :stuck_out_tongue:

if you go there through here, get 10 percent off of an outrageous price…
I wish I had 100 dollars for some mags…

OK - that’s expensive. But if it’s a magazine that’s really good and really informative, then it’ll be worth it to a business. And probabaly an individual as well.

The most expensive mag I’ve seen is Banking Technology Magazine ( $595 for a 1-year subscription. And they sell subscriptions to companies that are interested in the field they cover. A bank doesn’t care about $595 if there even is a remote chance that this magazine will help them decide their technological future.

I live in Denmark and most US mags are outrageously expensive here - at least compared to their cover prices. I pay around DKK 120 for Photoshop User at my local newsstand. That’s around $20. Per issue.

Maybe you guys should use online magazines.
It’s free…guranteed :thumb:

The best one I’ve come across is the Digital Web Magazine, try it you won’t be disappointed.

Paper versions of magazines and newspapers are called DTEs - Dead Tree Editions :stuck_out_tongue:

not just magazines, bloddy rip offs here in aust. My favourite cds that im meaning to purchase costs around $30 when in England i can get them for $12 and even more so, they derive from the uk. So basically uk people are more worth coming here where the price is 4 times as much.

Are you sayign a single CD, not a double disc or soemthing along thowse lines costs $30?! ****! All the more reason to download the music, unless of course, they are RIAA, or similar association, independent.

All the more reason to download the music
Not that you, would uh, do such a thing, right :wink:
Seriously though… I mean I guess on this subscription to a dte (haha thats great I wanna use that lots), well normal price is 10 bucks, so you save something like 40 dollars but still, I can’t afford 90 bucks for a mag that I may never read. Hmmm… maybe I can, I don’t know, I waste my money anyway.

I have a subscription to Newtype, and by far, I don’t see a problem with paying that much money, because the magazine speaks for the price.
A thick imported magazine, which is translated from jap, to english, and plus comes with a center-fold, and a DVD!