Next contest?

so… when’s the next contest gonna be? and what’s it gonna be about?
I’m not rushing anybody or anything… just asking…
I don’t mind if they are once a year or something… just asking :slight_smile:

A footer contest next… week? month? year? Nobody knows…

Am I right if I say that we know it’s gonna be a footer contest but we don’t know when… am I right?

I HATE SCHOOL! you get knowledge but The next post in this is about 17-18 hours away :frowning:
I miss the rush hour too! the rush hour here is at night, maybe late in the evening… and I’m gonna miss it!!! :*(

I post here now and maybe a minute goes by and somebody posts back asking me a question or something and I can’t post back until 4 o’ clock tomorrow!!! OMG!

Hey Syko!
The next contest probably won’t be until about mid December :slight_smile: Don’t worry, everyone will get plenty of time to particpate and create cool entries. Time should not be an issue…if all else, I can always extend the final date by a few days/weeks/years lol.

Kirupa =)

Can I submit the footer I use currently into this contest?

Or does a person have to create a footer other than the one they are currently using?

Hey lost!
You can use the one you have already =) This is both a contest that is fun and is useful. You can use your submitted footer as a footer in the forums, other forums, etc. I just felt that a footer competition would be more practical for all users who may want to use their creations in something else besides an experiments section :slight_smile:

I will set guidelines on the MAXIMUM width and height though. They should be large enough to allow for majority of the footers present on the site; just none that are ridiculously large.

Kirupa :rambo:

After that contest I guess everyone will post around with fancy footer here :slight_smile:


I bet Eilsoe will be submitting massive amounts of footers :stuck_out_tongue:

Where has he been anyway, maybe I just haven’t been on at the right times, but he like disappeared.

well… gotta make hundreds of 'em to be sure… :slight_smile:

What will the max size be. I would like to get a head start:P

Filesize limit on these? same as normally applies??