Next frame after stop


How do you get a flash movie to advance on to the next frame after a stop action has been used as in the ray of light text effect? My movie just stops…

Please help, thanks in advance


MovieClip.nextFrame() might be what your looking for. I personally havent looked at the ray of light tutorial so I might be wrong. I have a feeling this could have something to do with a stopped frame with animation done by an onEnterFrame handler.

thank you, I have tried that…
this is the script, most things I have tried if they do move onto the next frame do not let the ray of light effect work

i = “1”;
alpha = “0.8”;
maxlight = “15”;
while (Number(i)<=Number(maxlight)) {
duplicateMovieClip (“ray0”, “ray” add i, 800-i);
setProperty ("/ray" add i, _xscale, getProperty("/ray" add (i-1), _xscale)+ialpha);
setProperty ("/ray" add i, _yscale, getProperty("/ray" add (i-1), _yscale)+i
setProperty ("/ray" add i, _alpha, 10-i*(0.5/50));
i = Number(i)+1;
setProperty (“ray0”, _visible, “0”);