Nice transitions? You probably all will know this!

I think this will be actionscript that’s why I am posting here but I might be wrong. I know little about actionscript so If you do have time for a response, a little bit of explaining might be required on your part Here’s the scenario…

I would like to be able to make it so that the main content of my site slides in and out as buttons are pressed - e.g. I am currently in the homepage section, I press contact button, the homepage slides out of view and contact page glides into place. I now press links, contact page slides out and links page slides into place. Get what I mean? I think it would be called transitions. I hope I make myself clear. (it doesn’t have to be sliding, the pages could fade away or whatever I choose. I just want to know how to control it all.

An example would be the following site:

Any pointers towards tutorials, old unwanted FLAs would be fantastic. I just cant work it out at the moment. My brain is slowing down.

Thank you.

Hey Voetsjoeba … nice work you have here… just wondering what would be the advantages of this method over the method found here

Will having the code in the buttons be a advatage over having the code in a frame? any theories?