Night club flyer

hi all! :slight_smile:
this is a small flyer i’ve been working on tonight!
hopefully they can print it out like that… :bad:
still working on it but any crits or comments would be cool!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but…

The colours you’ve chosen are outwith printer’s gamut. Basically, although the colours can be rendered on screen, printer’s ink cannot be mixed to produce the same colour as you’ve used. If you want straightforward red and blue use Pantone Process Blue and Pantone Red 032.

That should sort it. :slight_smile:

nooo :frowning:
wats pantone?

Sorry :beam: - I know it’s frustrating.

Pantone is an ink ‘library’ that printers and designers use. Think of pantone as one-colour pots of paint that you can see on a sample (supplied in a pantone book) which printers will be able to match as they use the same ink :slight_smile:

There’s also coated and uncoated to show how inks will look when printed on matt art or gloss varnished paper.

Photoshop (and illustrator and Quark) all have pantone libraries in the colour swatches so you could select your colour that way, if you’re using PS to create your artwork you can define exactly which colours you want to use (or go CMYK [four or full colour] which but watch out for the small triangle that appears in the colour picker palette - that’s what tells you that a colour can’t be printed).

Hope that all makes sense … :slight_smile:

ooo wow… i never knew that!
thanks for the tip cello!! :smiley:

Pretty cool. Do you havea website?:link:

I think if he goes cymk he should be fine. It may be more expensive to go full color but it opens you options up. What I normally do is always locate and talk to your printer before beginning. Most good printers will be accomodating (if they have te capabilites). But nothing worse than having to go back and re-do your colors.

BTW love the flyer. How does it look at 300 dpi?

What does it look in 300 dpi? And is it going to be cut into that shape?

dont post it as it will be huge. I am just curious and I am not aware if you know that is the normal print res. But sometimes my graphics look diff and really high res’s, especially when you are not dealing with vectors

hey thanks for ur replies!

actually this one is only done in 150 dpi resolution because it’s not the final design… i usually make a couple of designs before choosing the best one!
the can was made in 3D and some texts added in photoshop so it wont take long to make a higher res ver. :slight_smile:

and yea i was hoping they can cut it out in the shape of that can… :slight_smile: and no they dont have a website i dont think