Nigon & Chips

enjoy…(dedicated to ICU )

how did you make that?

I swear to god if you don’t get a full scholarship to college I’ll pay ur @#%$ way by becoming a stripper =]

You rock man. Much better than I ever could be. Wish ya used icq I could chat to ya more often then. I am going nuts here without a working vid card I can’t do much and it overheats regularly so I can’t even boot up Photoshop. =[

You rock edwin! That is the best 3d image I have seen in a good while.

pom 0]

One day when ur rich and famous I can say, " I kinda, sorta knew him and he dedicated a piece of artwork to me… … … WHICH CAN BE DOWNLOADED WITH A FAKE SIGNATURE ON EBAY FOR $5,000,000.00!!!" =]


you truly rock at graphic art and flash. Keep it up.

You make me sick! I hate you!! lol j/k :slight_smile: you’re awesome man, I’m just jealous. Cheers…

wow! thanx guys. I appreciate your support. I do have some bad news tho. Yesterday my HD crashed and i lost everything(literaly). 3 years worth of work…gone. Altho its a big loss i plan on using this as a motivation for the coming months. :slight_smile:

if that happened to me i would cry. Oh, wait, it did…and I did…:frowning:

umm not to be a jerk here… but you NEVER backed up anything??? sh1t i dont go a week without burning all my new stuff on cd’s

yah i had but the CD was corrupted :frowning:

That’s gotta be tough edwin :frowning: Did the data not burn to the CD correctly? What program are you using to backup stuff to a CD? I use the default program that comes with XP, and it is good for basic back-ups.

yea xp’s built in burning software isnt good on the fact that it uses more space of a cd than say ezcd creator but it does almost always work… i happen to ahve an older cdrw drive so it doesnt have the anti-bad cd shiznit =]

it under-run’s the buffer all the time. that sounds weird… oh well. sorry man =[ anything u need program or texture wise or whatever… lemme know.

let me guess made in flash and touch ups in photo shop ?
(thats the first time i ever cried over a picture)

looks like 3dsmax, photshop… kewl though.

Awesome Edwin! A true shepherd of Flash souls…


aw thanx guys. Yeah that was 3ds max and photoshop…pretty easy to make actually. Illustration is sooooooo much harder hehe. :slight_smile: