No Insurance

This was inspired by the something bizarre post.

When I was 10, we lived in a house and rented out the top portion to a biker. Anyway he was always working on his bikes and or cars in the backyard.

So one day he comes to the back door and asks my mom for a steak knife. She looks down and sees his foot exposed and bleeding.

Turns out he dropped a motor on his foot and smashed 2 toes. He was going to use the knife to cut them off rather than go to the hospital because he didn’t have insurance.

She insisted on taking him and he got medical attention on our ticket. We found out later he was missing a toe or two on his other foot, same thing happened to him before. One of them was his big toe which probably explained his odd walk.

Anyone got a bizarre story? BTW, this really happened and I have plenty more but probably not many that are worth sharing due to being gruesome. My mom ran with the wrong crowd for awhile.