No title bar? no one seems to know. HELP

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my flash site without a title bar. \r\rExample:\r\r\rYou know without the “blue explorer/ netscape bar”\rI know I have to create my own and make the interface draggable, but how do I get rid of the bar?\r\rPlease help\r\r[email protected]

please do not flood the forum. you only need to post one time in one place. we all look in all the forums.

Flooding forums is hurtful to children and other living things.

its annoying. and theres no reason to do it. It just drives me nuts when someone puts the same post into every forum. Whats the point? And I thought we decided that beating children w/ sticks was ok…or was that just while they are in the movie theatre

Crying children in adult movies is hurtful to adults and other responsible and polite people who chose to leave their children at home.

Flooding the forum also causes post partem depression and is bad for the ecology. It makes America look bad before the world.\r\rpj\r<img src= ALT=":">

You guys are @#%$ dorks, flooding the forum? Give me a break. My question got answered, but only in one forum. Go figure! Get A Life.

Of course only in one, everyone who sees the same post all over the place doesn’t bother reading it again.\rEvery forum has the appropriate title so you should be able to figure out in which ONE to post your question.\rNext time, be more polite (like HELP please…and no need to shout) or get lost if you call people here dorks (toi même, connard!) …use babylon to translate if you really need to…

Hey, cool discussion over here !! My two Eurocents : pas la peine de s’énerver comme ça. Tout le monde ne sait pas qu’il faut prendre Phil au huitième degré.\r\rpom 0]