Flash MX forum?

Hi all,
Well, do you all think that it is time to create the Flash MX forum? After all, this site will cover Flash MX with greater detail than Flash 5. I will hopefully correct many mistakes I initially made with the Flash 5 section and create one ultimate Flash MX location!

Should I wait to create the section, or should I create the MX forum now and let the madness begin :slight_smile: ?


I believe that someone shouldn’t hide what they thinking. Less put the forum up and see where that goes. And I need Flash MX missed the free download. Stupid school… Always too busy

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Well, I say : let’s change everything. Supress Flash 4 forum, mix Flash 5 and Actionscript, create a new Flash MX forum, which I don’t have, so I won’t be able to post there snif… for now (aha !)… What else ?

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I agree Pom! I can easily add another forum on to the list. I’ll remove the Flash 4 forum because I don’t even cover Flash 4 anymore :slight_smile:

I’ll create the Flash MX forum right now!


Hey Kirupa,

I really think you should remove the Help, Flash 4 and archive forums. Nobody ever goes there, and nobody ever reads them. I remember the first time I came here, I didn’t know where to post…

Well, that’s my opinion.

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Thats cause your french! Leave the archives, we need somehwere to post that longest thread ever, right? And there are some threads in there I HAVE read (in archives) trying to find an answer. I actually like the way the board is set up. Come on people. You have to read and use your brain. If you read it is very simple indeed. It couldn’t be any simpler unless some ninny comes in here and starts clicking away at anything because its clickable and wonders why he ended up where he did…$&^%#. But if one reads he sees he can go to Flash 4, Flash 5, Actionscript, yada, yada…The breakdown is nice, and it serves its purpose well.


Actually I was wondering if there was anyway you could make a search engine for the forum. So that someone could type in the keywords for whatever they need help on and it would search through the forums for posts related to that topic? i doubt its possible, but it would be nice. Phil bringing this back up reminded me of it.

Ya, getting the search to work again would be nice. What Jubba said. And pictures of chicks in bathing suits on the spare column space on each side of the page. That would be nice too.


That’s because you"re a depraved American pig, phil. But if you think it’s good as it is, so be it…

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Oh, I forgot to put my 2 cents in.

Do not delete the “Help” forum. It is still a neccessity. That’s a place for code like HTML and stuff, which is still a vital part of Flash design work."

In addition, I’m going to need to have an archive forum for EACH of the other major forums, and then a single one for the rest. If I keep going, it wont be 6 moths before I’ve run out of archive room. I really don’t want to lose posts if I can help it.

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