No vars from TextInput Boxes

I’m trying to get the hang of some of the new 2004 components. I built a forms page using InputText Boxes (several) and a TextArea. The objective is to pass the information via PHP into an email.

The email sends fine, and is formatted properly. The problem is getting the inputted info out of the TextInput Boxes. Traces on the vars always give me undefined, and I’ve tried several ways of trying to pull the info. I’ve tried var address = address.value; var address = address.text; and things like that with no luck. Can someone point me in the right direction? I’d really appreciate the help.

delete ALL your textbox and text area vars!

use instance names:

and the text is retrievable via:


The problem is in trying to pass the input to the php file. I tried tracing one of the boxes like trace(fullName.text); but still got back an undefined. Any other ideas?

post your fla

Here’s a link to the fla (to big to post here). I was able to get info from a box using trace(fullName.text); Somehow the InputText Box I was trying to trace got a binding attached to it (I guess that’s why it wouldn’t trace right. If you can find out whats wrong with this I’d appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

that file is WAY to big for it’s contents. My suggestion would be to make all of your textareas into input textboxes, that is just ridiculous. And don’t use MM Flash buttons, draw your own. like i said, that is wayyyyy to big. And one more thing don’t name your variables and your textbox instance names the same thing, that might be one of your problems. make your textboxes email_txt or something of that sort. And remember if a name you are using for a variable is highlighted in the actionscript panel, change the name. Also, your php page isn’t set up to take data, you know that right?

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