No word wrap in tables or frames

I am using Front Page 2000 and have been trouble-shooting for days. When I enter text into a cell within a table, the text continues horizontally expanding the cell at the same time. Despite having the table properties limited to less than 100% and confirming that the “no wrap” box is unchecked, the text will not wrap to the next line. When I enter text in frames, the text will continue off the page horizontally indefinitely.

Hey interact,\rMake sure that you enable “no wrap” for all of your cells in a table(s). Sometimes, if you embed a table within a table, the ‘no wrap’ setting might not apply evenly to all cells and tables. You can verify that ‘no wrap’ is enabled by checking the HTML code for the words ** nowrap>** after every td table tag.

Hi again Kirupa\r\rDo you have any other ideas to resolve this ‘no wrap’ issue in tables and frames.\r\rI enabled the check box ‘no wrap’ under cell properties for all cells and confirmed it in html view. The text still continues to drag the cell width off the page to infinity.

Hey interact,\rDo you have a link to the page? I would like to take a look at that and see where the problem might be.\r\rThanks,\rKirupa