Non-flash and html question

I am working on creating a video for my sister-in-law and using adoble premiere to do it. What I am asking is does anybody know of a site that list different codecs that I can download and use with premiere.


Only one i know is free is divX, and very good compression too, search on google…
BUT: if the person watching the movie doesn’t have the codec you use installed, he/she won’t be able to see your movie!! codec=COmpressionDECompression, so DECompression can’t take place!
Best hing is to stick with the most widely used like microsoft, apple (quicktime, sorensen) and one or two others…

thanks for replying eyezberg!

I will be outputting it to a video tape and the codecs that came with premiere compress the images too much (start to see pixels) so the only person who needs the codecs are me :slight_smile: . I am just trying to get the best quality to put to video.

Anyone else?


Don’t need to change codecs for that, just the compression settings!?
And if its for tape, don’t compress!