Non-Standard Fade And Movement Using DuplicateMovieClip Question

I’ve been browsing the forums for a bit and reading articles, I have been able to find ways to do parts of what I want to do, but I am having trouble combining all of them into a cohesive whole.

 The effect that I’m trying to achieve is to have a series of six squares being duplicated across the screen so that they appear to move in a series by adding new squares to the existing chain and deleting the last square off the end of the chain. However, I want each square to appear at 75% opacity, move up to 100% opacity and then drop to 0 (and ultimately be deleted). I wanted to time this so as the last square in the series is dropping to 0 a new square in front of the series is being created.

 I’ve been successful in getting a mc to start from 75 -> 100 -> 0% opacity. I’ve been able to get a series of mc’s duplicated to that there are six of them with decreasing opacity. However I have not been able to combine these two, nor move them. Any suggestions would be welcome.

 (Oh, and I would like to do this in as much actionscript as possible. I’m attempting to write this so that all of the actionscript is in one layer rather than spreading it to specific objects.)

Thank you in advance.