NOOoob do i create these effects

Hey, guys and gals. I am reading and practicing all the tutorials I can get my hands on. And I’m learning a lot. But a couple questions. What is the basic concept behind the center of the screen animation on this website?

The paper kinda scrolls in a circle? Simple tweens wouldn’t explain that would it?

I’ve seen other animations where the “movie clip” hangs like a sheet on a clothesline, and then when you click on it or a button it flaps back and forth like a strong breesze hit it. It folds kind of in the middle.

I’m not looking for the code. I’m just trying to look at websites based on what I already know, which is minmal, and trying to figure out how they did, what they did. So I can get my brain pattern to think in flash terms.

Also the shadows below the balls that bounce when the ball bounces. I know that both are “eased”, but is matching the timing for the ball bounce, and the shadow bounce a nightmare of timing?

Of is there and easy way of synchronizing the timing?

On last question.

As the end results, I would like my line drawing to appear one line at a time.

Once it is completely drawn I want to morph it as a whole into a logo.

I am scanning in the drawing now. What do I need to considered now in the drawing stage that will make it easy to get that effect in the end?