Norton AntiVirus Subscription Service

I bought my Norton last year and today my subscription service just ended. Now let me get this straight, if I want to keep my computer protected I have to pay for continuing the subscription service?

thats right.

but try re-installing it and see if your sub gets renewed… :smiley:

Yeh Ive reinstalled it twice before. Buts its a pain doing it again. I paid $150 for the application and now I have to pay for sub? :sigh:

If reinstalling works, then keep doing it.

yes that’s a bane of the antivirus world…

that’s why I and a lot of other people here use AVG by grisoft…

it’s free, and highly highly effective (as in catches things mcafee and norton didn’t)

AVG is the only “legal” means to use something for free… But Norton can easily be renewed by simply finding an…cough “unorthodox” method…

You can always reformat :slight_smile:

So you guys think I should change over to AVG now?

I had a norton antivirus cd and it came with a 60 day live update subcription. It didn’t work when I installed it, so I changed the calendar to the year 2010.

I knew that method :smiley: but hey I dont to go into methods of getting around the subscription, if you guys reccomend me switching over to AVG then I will. I will miss the world trace function in norton internet security however :frowning:

avg is good reliable and free - its what i use -

this is your call though - so weigh the price out and decide :slight_smile:
^said that nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice Prstudio :slight_smile: . Another thing is that I have Norton Internet Security which of course bundles NAV as well. I want to ask if I unistalled NAV, will it complicate how Norton Internet Security runs? I want to keep NIS due to its firewall.

Hey would anyone reccomend Avast Pro Antivirus?

never heard of avast -

as far as just uninstalling the norton AV and leaving the rest - i feel that the only complications that would arise possibly is that norton IS might alert you that you don’t have an AV installed or it will try to prompt you to install. if you can live with that its cool - and of course you would know for a fact that you did have the antivirus software installed.

Thanks for that prstudio, youve been great help :slight_smile:

no prob! :slight_smile: