Not a "kool site",but i dont know where to post this

a little oversimplified, or is it just me?

You were banned for a reason, man. You aren’t supposed to be here.

they put me on a 24-hour ban.:mu:

Where’s the enter button?


they put me on a 24-hour ban.

So leave for 24 hours, like you’re supposed to.

You’re seriously not funny. This is supposed to be a forum where we can see inspirational sites that make at least somewhat sense and has content for us to look at. A phone number and email doesn’t fit the description :sigh:.

[h] [/h]

dont hijack man. (silverthing)

His name is Silverfox. Talk about hijacking the forums with this site of yours.

its not my site. its one of the members sites from kirupaforum.

edit/// and suddenly sharif’s post just dissapears.

I deleted it because obviously you weren’t going to understand the point of the post.

Just wondering - how do you know my name is sharif :bad:?

lol, ruski, dude, this is a section for cool sites :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know either about where to put this, ot discuss bad design, but maybe make a thread in Drawing and design called “Bad webdesign” or something… :slight_smile:

and silverfox, loose that attitude or I’ll ram your posting privileges up your wazoo, ruski made a mistake when he joined, and he’s paid his debt.

reef, you too, ease up.

I’ll just lock this thread :slight_smile:

dont be hatin!

Rofl - malibus most wanted is here.