Not Amused

I come into work this morning to find about 10 emails in my Inbox with a link to this little newspaper article.

Why is it that the staff are always the last to hear about this? This is the first any of us here have heard… :angry:

oh dear…

i hope everything will be ok…your job etc…

that sucks…

::::: AnOraK :::::

ack… that sucks… does that mean employees are gonna be layed off? :!:

We don’t know. We do know that we are one of the few parts of the Credit Suisse Group that are making good profits, year in year out.

But the management, who like to think of themselves as ‘in touch’ with their employees, haven’t said squat.


It could just be a rumour with no substance, or it could be true. No-one seems to know. We’re all just annoyed that this is the first we hear. I’m angry. Actually, I’m angrier than I have been in a long time.

Phil, I think you have summed up business. :slight_smile:

good luck Kit. If you get layed off, keep in mind that I’m always looking for a good concubine. :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously though… that sucks. I suggest the frozen shaving cream trick perpetrated on at least your direct supervisor, if the company ends up laying you off.

(ie - take one can of regular foam shaving cream. freeze solid, 48 hours should do. Using can opener, cut off the bottem of the can, and place in an inconvienient location. Within 2 hours or so, the foam will thaw to it’s full volume… some 20 gallons.)

oh no…

pj is on the lilliputians again…

flashback… whoa…

Nice trick there David, I’ll bear that in mind. :slight_smile:

At the moment it looks like a case of ‘keep the employees guessing’. On the plus side, although they haven’t mentioned us being bought, no-one has told us we’re getting made redundant either. :slight_smile:


Good luck Kit

  • Soul :s:

I don’t think it’ll come down to redendancy. Fingers crossed anyway.

Credit Suisse own us at the moment, I think it would just mean being taken over by a different company. So we’d still stay the same, but the people providing our financial backing would be different.

This is the most likely scenario, anyway.

Well, The Management have finally spoken…

Many of you will have seen recent newspaper articles stating that Churchill has been ‘put up for sale’ by Credit Suisse. This statement is untrue - Credit Suisse is not actively seeking to sell Churchill.

However, Churchill is a great success story with an excellent track record and our results show that we are continuing to go from strength to strength. It is not surprising therefore that many companies would be very happy to own us!

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that, if there were to be any change in the ownership of Churchill, the most important thing on my agenda would be to protect the interests of our staff and customers. For my part, I intend to continue to enjoy running Churchill exactly as I have since June 1989.

I understand that speculation can be unsettling and all I can ask of you is to carry on doing what you do best - delighting our customers and outperforming our competitors.

yeah it’s really hard here with jobs too. my best friend just lost her job this friday. i hate this economy. but it’s good that you finally know what’s going on.

whatever happens, good luck kitiara. Im sure your excellent design skills will land you another job, should the need arise…

Yay, thats good then Kit :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:

Alrlight wlel… it’s good to see some light in that situation now Kit…

Hopefully everything will work out for you. I’m sure you could find another job if it was true though… Because you are an extremely talented yound lady.

Take Care :slight_smile:

and at least you wont have that ****ty desktop you showed us…

I’m sure the new company that owns Churchhill insurance will let you stay there and most of the workers that are already still there.