Not sure how to describe this problem

I have a class, Typewriter, that takes a text string as an argument (among other arguments) and “types” it out letter by letter. This class also calls another class, Callout, which is intended to take several movie clips (which are just images) and assemble them on the stage to create a framed white rectangle (an empty callout box) on which I want the Typewriter text to render.

My problem is, although tracing indicates that Callout is working just fine as called by Typewriter, I get no framed rectangle.

If I call Callout from within the Flash IDE, it works fine. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I have remembered to import Callout within Typewriter, and tried several variations on instantiating Callout. None work. I am NOT getting any errors, and like I said, trace statements from within Callout all work nicely, showing me the values of arguments I’m passing. I have tried simplifying things by trying to display only a single movieclip from the library rather than all of them, but that doesn’t work either.

I know I’m not missing an addChild() and I know that I’m not inadvertently hiding the Callout behind another display object.

I will resist the urge to show the code, in hopes that someone might have a suggestion without need of it. But I can include the code if it helps shed light.

Any suggestions? Much appreciated.