Not Working In Flash 8

I have a project that was originally saved in Flash MX that I want to work in Flash 8. When I resave it in Flash 8 all the funtionality stops working. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen?

Here’s my code which is being controlled by a mc button:

Frame 1:

VolumeStatus = -1
coneInitialPosition = getProperty(speakerCone,_y)

Frame 2:

if (frameCount<360) {
	frameCount = frameCount+1;
} else {
	frameCount = 0;
sineOfAngle = Math.sin(frameCount/2.5);

volumeSliderOutputValue = getProperty(sliderForVolumeValue, _x)-getProperty(volumeValueBar, _x)+getProperty(volumeValueBar, _width)/2;
actualVolumeValue = volumeValueInitial+volumeSliderOutputValue/17;
volumeSetting = Math.round(actualVolumeValue*100)/100;
setProperty(speakerCone, _y, coneInitialPosition+sineOfAngle*volumeSetting);
setProperty(sineWave, _height, volumeSetting*2);
setProperty(meterSlidingPanel, _x, volumeSetting*10-10);