Not your average Flash question...up for the challenge?

ok, so this may not prove to be the “challenge” you were hoping for, but i figured with a headline like that who could resist?

here’s the situation…

a client has come to us with a powerpoint presentation that they ultimately need to turn into a quicktime movie file.

so far, we’ve used articulate (a plug-in for powerpoint) to turn the presentation into a .swf file…or, more accurately, many .swf files. apparently it turns each slide within PPT into an individual .swf file when exporting.

the next logical step would be to import these .swf files into Flash and export as an .mov file. here’s where i could use some advice. first off, when i tried importing one of the .swf’s into Flash, it essentially dissected all of the elements, placed a bunch of symbols/bmp’s into the library, and just scattered all of these items onto the stage. obviously not the desired result, since i’m ultimately going to be working with hundreds of individual .swf files and don’t want to be faced with having to reorganize everything on the stage before exporting.

here are my questions…

  1. is there a way to import a .swf into Flash while keeping all of the elements in tact so that if i have, say, 100 .swf’s, i can just line them up in the timeline one after another?

  2. is there a way to streamline this so that i can quickly and easily update this file in the future with all new .swf files, or would i basically be starting from scratch each time? (i forgot to mention that the client will have a new .ppt file for us each month. yay.)

  3. is there another way that anyone can think of that i’m possibly overlooking?

a few things to take into account…

  1. each .swf that is being imported into Flash will consist of multiple frames, depending on how long each slide was within powerpoint

  2. this is never going to live on the web, so don’t even consider filesize or load time

we’re trying to let this client know something asap, so anyone that can offer up some advice would be graciously appreciated.

thanks in advance.