Notepad xml and flash

I read many threads about xml and flah 8, but I do not see my problem :
on advise from some great kirupa’s advisors, xml is cool to use for photo galleries…
So I went through notepad and made a trial with 5 images + their 5 thumbnails…
Here is my first xml file :
<image title=“maldives1”
main=“gallery/5 big images/1.jpg”
thumb=“gallery/5 thumb images/1T.jpg”/>
<image title=“maldives2”
main=“gallery/5 big images/2.jpg”
thumb=“gallery/5 thumb images/2T.jpg”/>
<image title=“maldives3”
main=“gallery/5 big images/3.jpg”
thumb=“gallery/5 thumb images/3T.jpg”/>
<image title=“maldives4”
main=“gallery/5 big images/4.jpg”
thumb=“gallery/5 thumb images/4T.jpg”/>
<image title=“maldives5”
main=“gallery/5 big images/5.jpg”
thumb=“gallery/5 thumb images/5T.jpg”/>
[COLOR=purple][COLOR=black]NOTE : Gallery is the main folder containing my images + thumbs.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
5 big images is the subfolder for the original images.
5 thumb images is the second subfolder for their thumbs.

[COLOR=purple][COLOR=#000000]Many questions :[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple][COLOR=#000000]1 : Is this code ok as it will be used for hundreds of images so it has to be.[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple][COLOR=#000000]2 : I can only save this file in text. I don’t find a way to save it as xml. file[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple][COLOR=#000000]3 : Do I use "import to library " to “flash it” ???[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=purple][COLOR=#000000]Thanks thanks thanks. :bored:[/COLOR]