Object Oriented

Hi guys,
i’m searching for good site for learning [color=red]Object Oriented[/color] from scratch… :slight_smile:

any suggestion :q:

The reference, even though it’s really Flash 5 oriented:


Sam wan has some stuff too on his site:


When you’re done with this… :slight_smile:

hey Pom…:cowboy:
thanx for your quick replay and usefule link.

can i suggest something in your footetr :bandit:
i think you can remove the layer which contains your character in lower opacity, it’s just suggestion :cool:

anyway thanx

i forgot to ask you, do you think with those links i can start learning OOP from sckratch i feel i can’t because they started quick, but in debreui i think it’s better to me.
what is your opinion :q:

http://www.debreuil.com is an AMAZING site.

Just a question: What confuses you about OOP? I think that we could probebly cover all of the most basic rules concerning it.