Object Position on stage - need action script

Ive got a bit of a problem with playing several movies in the same place. Ive made a menue in which when you click one of the buttons a movie clip plays and eventually stops at the point of which that part of the menue screen is fully loaded.
The problem is that each one loads on the same area of the stage. Each movie begins with the alpha sety to 0. When i load one of the movie clips, i want it to stay on screen uptill the next one is selected. However, if the next one which is selected was placed on the stage first when i designed the interface, the movie cannot be seen as it is behind the first movie.
What action script can i use to make the the movie clip load up at the front of the stage.
I thought it would be tell target command, but i wasnt sure what the exact code would be.
I also thought that some sort of if, then, else statement could be used to unload the movieclip. I have no knowledge of action scripting so i am not even sure that this type of statement is used in the language.
I would be thankful of any help anyone could give me

Check this site, there is a great tutorial on swapDepths which should solve your problem. http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/swapdepth.asp

Hope this helps.


what method are you using to load movies loadMovie() or loadMovieNum()?