Object property from XML behaves erratically in switch statement


I’ll start by saying I don’t expect and answer to this but I am really curious if someone else has encountered it or knows what the friggle is going on or just has some thoughts on the matter:

Sequence of events:
2 SWFs running entirely seperately
load the same library class then load the same XML and save an attribute as a property (PS) of an Object (ob)

It’s then parsed through a switch statement like this:

	case 'TW':
	case 'TH':
//...... etc

So the classes are idential in both situations, only the loading swf changes.

In one case it needs ob.PS to be typed as a string (as shown - else it drops to the default).
In the other case it does NOT need ob.PS to be typed as a string!!
Same class, same switch statement, parsing same data (loaded from XML) yet behaving very differently!

Any ideas?
Thanks for your consideration,