Obsessed with Icon Cleanup?

Whenever setting up my mac, before I do anything, I have to first clean-up all the icons in the dock that go with apps I won’t need to see front-and-center all the time:

Do you all do this as well? Or am I the only one? :water_buffalo:

I just hide the dock. I love full clean screens

I do the same; as well as setting up certain preferences like double tap to drag windows and turning off smart quotes.

I also take stuff out of the status menu and swap the role of the Fn key.

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I have 7 apps in my doc right now. And thats because thats how many apps I have open.

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I clean up the start menu on my new computers…

Does it mean your dock would otherwise be completely empty if no apps were running? Do you have Finder showing, or did you hide that as well?


Finder is always there. I’m not sure about any of the others. I always have chrome open so thats always there as well as a terminal usually. If those things were closed… I dont know. But they’re always open so who knows. Even when I restart the computer those windows are restored :stuck_out_tongue: I was on my work computer when I said 7. This is my coffee table macbook…

Senocular’s trash can looks messy to me, just saying regarding icons and the doc.

Now, I do have trouble fully committing to getting rid of things. I think I’ve been burned too many times in the past. Never know when you might need that seemingly useless file from 10 months ago!

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I can completly concur with you on that. :wink: